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Yoga during pregnancy

Hi dear mum, how nice that you found JUNO Health and Wellness. How are you feeling?

At JUNO, we understand that pregnancy is a time of many big changes in your life, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Practising yoga regularly during your pregnancy can help you adjust to the changes your body is going through. In addition, pregnancy yoga also helps you prepare yourself well for childbirth and motherhood ahead.


    Physiotherapy for pregnant women in Tilburg

    Why pregnancy yoga at JUNO?

    • NNikki's classes prepare you well for childbirth and keep you relaxed, fit and healthy during your pregnancy.
    • NYou will learn specific yoga exercises that can reduce or prevent common pregnancy complaints such as back pain, pelvic pain, fatigue, heartburn and digestive problems.
    • NYou will find a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone from 15 weeks of pregnancy is welcome. You do not need any yoga experience.
    • NNikki takes an individual approach to her classes, ensuring that each yoga class is delivered in a tailor-made way. As a result, she ensures that the personal needs of each lady in the class are met.
    • NPhysiotherapy influence: apart from being a pregnancy yoga teacher, Nikki is also a very experienced physiotherapist and manual therapist. She therefore has a very good knowledge of the female body, how it changes during pregnancy and how best to treat or prevent common complaints during pregnancy.

    Do you suffer from physical complaints during your pregnancy and want to make an appointment for physiotherapy at JUNO? Then please feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to help you!

    Pregnancy yoga teacher

    Nikki Rowe is a certified yoga & pregnancy yoga teacher. In addition, Nikki is physiotherapist, manual therapist and acupuncturist.

    During the pregnancy yoga classes, Nikki uses her medical knowledge to properly tailor the exercises to everyone's needs and level. 

    She welcomes you to pregnancy yoga classes at Yoga centre Tilburg.

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    Nikki Rowe - Pregnancy yoga teacher Tilburg

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    Practical information about pregnancy yoga classes at JUNO

    Where and when are the pregnancy yoga classes?

    Dutch lessons

    Dutch-language pregnancy yoga classes take place weekly at Thursday evening from 20:15 to 21:30 At Yogacentrum Tilburg.

    Dudokhof 79-01A
    5041 EZ Tilburg

    English lessons

    The pregnancy yoga lessons in English take place on a Monday evening at 19:30 untill 20:45 in the JUNO practice room (the building on the left of the entrance to the Yoga Centre Tilburg).

    Gasthuisring 11
    5041 DP Tilburg


    What do pregnancy yoga classes cost?

    Dutch lessons

    Registration for pregnancy yoga classes is via Yoga centre Tilburg.

    Yogacentrum Tilburg offers the opportunity to take a trial lesson at 12.50. Subsequently, a strippenkaart should be taken. The cost for 10 lessons is 145,- euro. This card is valid for 12 months. If you don't use up the lessons before giving birth, you can use up the lessons after giving birth (e.g. by taking post-natal classes which are also provided by Nikki).

    English lessons

    Lessons cost 15,- euros per class. Payment is made directly to JUNO Health & Wellness via a payment request from JUNO prior to the lesson.

    How can I book a lesson?

    Dutch lessons

    Classes can be booked via the website of Yoga centre Tilburg (Mother & Child).

    English lessons

    If you are interested in following the English pregnancy yoga classes send an email to We will then reply to inform you if the English lessons are currently running. The English lessons can be organised as long as there are at least 3 ladies participating in the class.

    Can my partner come too?

    The classes provided by Nikki are entirely aimed at pregnant ladies (without a partner). Yoga centre Tilburg offers a partner class about once a month. In these classes, you prepare for childbirth together. More activities are also organised where your partner can come along, such as Hypnobirthing classes.

    Can I claim pregnancy yoga classes from my health insurer?

    In some cases, you can claim the cost of the lessons/strippenkaart from your health insurer. Please consult your own policy conditions for this.