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Dry Needling Tilburg for women

Dry needling is a physiotherapist's specialist treatment method through which "trigger points" (or muscle hardening) are pricked with a very thin acupuncture needle. It is therefore known as trigger point therapy.

The effect is that the affected muscles relax quickly and for a long time, reducing pain symptoms as well.

If the therapists at JUNO Health & Wellness think you might benefit from dry needling treatment, they will discuss this during the intake.

    JUNO Dry needling for women Tilburg

    What are "trigger points"?

    A "trigger point" is a spot in a muscle where tension collects, which can cause both localised pain and radiating pain. Trigger points can manifest as;

    • Movement restrictions, pain or stiffness in a joint
    • Reduced muscle strength
    • Local pain or stiffness in a muscle
    • Radiating pain that can be felt in another place
    • Headache or facial pain

    Wondering if your complaint can be remedied through dry needling? Then feel free to contact JUNO. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Frequently asked questions about dry needling

    What does dry needling feel like?

    You do not feel the insertion of the needle. When the trigger point is pricked, the muscle may tighten briefly. This may cause a short-term cramping sensation and could be accompanied by some local pain and sometimes radiating pain. Afterwards, the muscle usually relaxes immediately and you will find that you can move more easily. It also happens that you may sweat slightly or feel tired, but this recovers quickly.

    How long does a dry needling treatment last?

    The duration of the treatment is equivalent to 1 fystioherapy treatment á 30 minutes. The treatment itself only takes a few seconds per needle. How many needles are needed depends on the number of active trigger points to be treated.

    What does a dry needling treatment cost?

    Dry needling falls under regular physiotherapy treatment and are therefore equal to the physiotherapy rate á €43.

    Can I claim the cost from the health insurance company?

    At JUNO we choose to work "contract-free" (i.e. we do not sign any contracts with the Health Insurance companies). This means that you will first receive and pay the invoice for the treatment yourself. This can be done in cash, by pin or through a payment request immediately afollowing treatment.

    You then submit the invoice to your health insurer yourself for reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement varies per health insurer and per policy. So always check your policy conditions first and/or mail your health insurer to find out where you stand in advance.

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