Did you give birth at least 6 weeks ago and want to promote your recovery through Postnatal Yoga Tilburg? Then you have come to the right place at JUNO Health & Wellness. The practice "For Women, By Women".

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Yoga after pregnancy

Hi dear mum, how are you? I hope you are proud of yourself because you are doing so incredibly well! Your body spent 9 months growing a beautiful child. You went through childbirth (which is not nothing!) to bring your beautiful child into the world, and since then you have been giving everything you have to take care of your baby. You give so much love and care to your baby, and you deserve it. JUNO's postnatal yoga classes are the perfect way to give yourself the care and love you deserve as a fresh mum. The classes help you find the time and space to relax, breathe, reconnect with your body and safely build your strength after your pregnancy and birth.

    Physiotherapy for pregnant women in Tilburg

    Why postnatal yoga at JUNO?

    • NYou will learn relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques that can help you find the peace you need as a new mum.
    • NWe help you reconnect with your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and teach you how to rebuild strength in a safe way.
    • NWe help you release built-up tension in your body from pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood, and improve your mobility and posture.
    • NWe help you safely and mindfully rebuild your physical strength and energy.
    • NPhysiotherapy influence: apart from being a yoga teacher, Nikki is also a very experienced physiotherapist and manual therapist. She therefore has good knowledge of the female body, how it changes during pregnancy and after childbirth, and the best and safest way to rehabilitate your body to full strength.

    Do you suffer from physical complaints left over from pregnancy or after childbirth? Think of pelvic pain, back pain, or diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles). At JUNO, we are happy to help you. Would you like to make an appointment for physiotherapy or manual therapy? Then feel free to contact with us.

    Practical information about postnatal yoga classes at JUNO

    Where and when are the postnatal yoga classes?

    Postnatal yoga classes take place on Sunday mornings between 10:30 and 11:45 in Oaker's welcoming yoga studio in the Piushaven in Tilburg.

    Kempenaarplaats 6-8
    5017 DX Tilburg

    What do postnatal yoga classes cost?

    There are several options for taking advantage of JUNO's yoga classes.

    Trial lesson or individual lesson: 17,- euro per lesson

    5-ride card: 80,- euro
    With this strippenkaart, you may take 5 lessons within a period of 2 months

    10-ride card: 155,- euro
    With this strippenkaart you may take 10 lessons over a period of 4 months

    You easily book and pay for your lessons online via the online portal of Momoyoga.

    How can I book a lesson?

    You easily book and pay for your lessons online via the online portal of Momoyoga.

    Can my baby come too?

    The Postnatal yoga classes are designed to provide a restorative moment of rest for mums where you spend time and attention on yourself. The classes therefore take place without baby.