Is your baby breech? Are you looking for a safe, pain-free and effective way to turn your baby? Using Moxa therapy, the therapists at JUNO can help you with this.

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Moxa therapy for breech presentation

If your baby is positioned with his/her buttocks or feet first (instead of the head), we call it a breech presentation. Most pregnant women whose baby is breech, will give birth via caesarean section. However, moxa therapy can help to turn your baby.

Research conducted at the Erasmus MC in 2010 looking at the effect of moxa on breech presentations, showed that 75% of babies in the group receiving moxa therapy, turned to assume a head-down position (van den Berg, 2010). Moxa therefore offers a safe, pain-free and effective method of turning a baby in a breech presentation.

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    What is Moxa therapy?

    Moxa is made from compressed leaves of the Chinese Mugwort herb. Moxa therapy is a treatment method using Moxa to stimulate certain acupuncture points with a deeply penetrating heat. Moxa therapy used to treat a breech presentation baby involves the use of a moxa stick (a kind of thick, incense stick) to apply the moxa the acupuncture point: BL-67 (a point located next to your little toenail, which has an affect on the uterus).

    Ideally, we start from the 34th week of pregnancy, as this is when there is enough amniotic fluid and space to help the rotation. Moxa can still be effective until 38/39 weeks, however, the later moxa treatment is started the less likely the baby will turn.

    How does Moxa therapy work for breech presentation?

    Moxa therapy improves blood flow to the uterus. As a result, the uterus matures better and the baby is more likely to turn spontaneously. Furthermore, the moxa stimulates the tissue of the uterus. This encourages the baby to become more active and eventually, to turn.

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