JUNO is the health and wellness centre for women in Tilburg. With a diverse range of western and eastern health services, we aim to help women live a happy and healthy life in every stage of life.

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What can JUNO do for you?

You can come to JUNO at any stage of life. Whether you are pregnant, early postnatal, well past the baby stage or have never had a baby. At JUNO, we support you in your recovery and help you return to full health, fitness and optimal well-being.

We take a holistic approach that applies evidence-based techniques from both Western and Eastern medicine to promote recovery.

Our physiotherapy services

JUNO physiotherapists specialise in the female body. As a result, they are well placed to make the right diagnosis and work together for a quick recovery.

Manual therapy

Read more about the specialist treatment method here Manual therapy.

Dry needling

Read more about the specialist treatment method here Dry Needling.

Our yoga services

 JUNO offers yoga services for both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga classes aim to keep fit during pregnancy and prepare yourself for the delivery to come. Postnatal yoga classes teach you to reconnect with your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to aid the recovery process.