Certified masseuse and yoga teacher at JUNO Health & Wellness

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Hi! My name is Anne and massage is what I love doing most. You can come to me for extensive relaxation massages, pregnancy massages, baby massages and massages at home. I come from Tilburg and currently live in Den Bosch close to nature and the river Maas.

I love my little son most of all! But I also love being outdoors, practising yoga, dancing and music. My mission is to support as many mums and kids as possible in experiencing great moments together.





Manual therapy - JUNO Health & Wellness Tilburg

My experience

From a deep respect for the female body, motherhood and the love for the little ones, I created my wish to create a safe place for all mothers and their children. I believe that experiencing relaxation contributes to a fine connection between mother and child. Because when you feel good about yourself, you are able to make the most loving connection with your child(ren). I grant you that relaxation, I grant you that connection. Spread the love!


My approach

I massage with love and from a holistic perspective and with a deep respect for the female body. When you lie on the table with me, I find it important to be with you with my full attention. I use different techniques to bring you to deep relaxation. I can adapt any massage to your specific wishes or needs.

My qualifications and skills

  • Hatha Yoga teacher training 500 hours (Yogacentrum Tilburg)
  • Massage (Esoterra): Relaxation Massage, Mama Massage
  • Pregnancy massage (Holosacademy)
  • Baby massage
  • History teacher
  • Special Secondary Education teacher