With acupuncture, pregnancy symptoms can be treated naturally. Are you looking for Acupuncture for Pregnant Women Tilburg? Then JUNO Health & Wellness is the right place for you. The practice "For Women, By Women".

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Acupuncture during pregnancy Tilburg

Pregnancy and the first time after is a very special time. It is a time of great changes in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, sometimes this period is more difficult than expected due to the onset of pregnancy symptoms that get in the way of your enjoyment.

Most women try to avoid the use of medication as much as possible during this period. Acupuncture offers a safe and effective alternative to treat common pregnancy and post-partum symptoms.

Are you suffering from physical complaints during your pregnancy and want to make an appointment for acupuncture at JUNO? Then please feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to help you!

    Physiotherapy for pregnant women in Tilburg

    Frequently treated complaints

    Pregnancy complaints that are often treated successfully include:

    • NPregnancy sickness and vomiting
    • NAbdominal pain/many hard bellies
    • NConstipation and haemorrhoids
    • NImpending miscarriage
    • NFatigue
    • NHigh blood pressure
    • NOedema
    • NMood swings
    • NAnxiety, panic attacks
    • NBreech position
    • NSleep problems
    • NPre-birth treatment (preparation for childbirth)
    • NPelvic pain and back pain
    • NCarpal tunnel syndrome
    • NPeripartum depression

    Acupuncturist for during pregnancy Tilburg

    Nikki is trained in both Western Medical acupuncture and Traditional Chinese acupuncture and has over 17 years of experience in treating various physical pain conditions.

    During her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training, she specialised in treating women during and after pregnancy. She also immersed herself in acupuncture as a treatment method for fertility problems.

    Besides acupuncture, Nikki combines all her expertise to offer the best care for women in Tilburg and the surrounding area.

    She welcomes you for an Acupuncture appointment at her practice in Tilburg. Read below the team more on Nikki.

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    Nikki Rowe - Acupuncturist Tilburg