Are you looking for the best way to prepare your body for an efficient childbirth? Or a natural way to encourage spontaneous labour? Acupuncture offers you a drug-free and safe method to support you on your journey to childbirth.

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Prepare for childbirth with acupuncture

From the 36th or 37th week of pregnancy, acupuncture treatments can be started to prepare the pelvis and cervix for labour. This is followed by one treatment per week until labour begins.

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    The benefits of acupunture in preparation for childbirth

    • Greater chance of giving birth within 42 weeks
    • Your stress level is lower
    • Your labour runs more smoothly, you are more relaxed
    • The duration of your labour is shorter (2 hours shorter on average)
    • Cervical dilation occurs more easily and efficiently
    • You can breathe easier and deeper
    • Contractions are more manageable
    • Giving birth is less painful
    • You are less tired afterwards
    • Breastfeeding comes easier
    • Postpartum recovery goes more smoothly

    What does the literature say?

    Several studies have been conducted on the effect of pre-birth acupuncture. From these studies, the main effects of "pre-birth" acupuncture are:-

    A more efficient dilation phase that shortens the duration of labour (2 hours shorter on average)
    A reduced risk of medical intervention, including medical induction and caesarean section.

    Visit Debra Betts' website for more evidence: click here

    Inducing childbirth with acupuncture

    Being able to carry your baby for a long time is something you should be proud of: the uterus, as long as the placenta is functioning properly and there is enough amniotic fluid, is the best environment for a young baby. Research shows that at 40 and 41 weeks, the risks of giving birth are lowest in the entire pregnancy. Furthermore, at 42 weeks the risks are still lower than giving birth at 37 weeks.

    It is possible to use acupuncture to encourage the onset of spontaneous labour. Acupuncture acts as a catalyst; but ultimately, your baby and your body decide when they are ready.

    We prefer to prepare your body for labour gently and gradually (from 36 weeks onwards), than to have to use more forceful acupuncture techniques to initiate your labour at the end. In this way, the transition from pregnancy to birth is much smoother and more gentle. However, sometimes it is necessary to give birth "on time" in order to try to avoid a "medical" birthing process. Our acupuncturists here at JUNO can help you with this.

    Frequently asked questions about acupuncture in preparation for childbirth

    How long does an acupuncture treatment last?

    The duration of treatment depends on the type of appointment. In a first appointment for a new complaint, we use 60 to 90 minutes for a comprehensive screening, intake and examination. Follow-up appointments take 45 minutes on average.

    What does an acupuncture treatment cost?

    The cost of an acupuncture treatment depends on the type of appointment.

    An initial consultation costs €70. This consists of intake in which a proper diagnosis is made. In addition, the first treatment is often carried out.

    Follow-up Acupuncture appointments cost €60 per 45 minutes.

    For a full list of rates: click here

    Can I claim the cost from the health insurance company?

    As an acupuncturist, Nikki is a member of the Zhong, or the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (NVTCG), and thus meets all the requirements set by Dutch health insurers. The professional association guarantees the quality of its members.

    At JUNO, you first receive and pay the invoice yourself. This can be done in cash, by pin or via a payment request immediately after the treatment on site.

    A prerequisite for reimbursement of treatment by a Zhong therapist is that you have a supplementary package* that includes Chinese medicine. Many, but certainly not all insurers reimburse Chinese medicine. For an up-to-date overview of the reimbursements per policy, go to

    How do you ensure quality?

    All working acupuncturists have completed the 3-year Dutch TCM Acupuncture training and are members of Zhong. Zhong is the Dutch association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG).

    Quality is key

    JUNO meets the quality requirements as set by the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhong Member no 2022055).