Are you a woman, mother or mum-to-be looking for a moment of relaxation, a pampering treatment after childbirth or relief from pregnancy symptoms? At JUNO, we are ready to welcome and pamper you.

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Relaxation massages Tilburg for women

At JUNO, we offer revitalising relaxation massages tailored to the unique needs of women, mothers and pregnant women, promoting holistic well-being and relaxation. Our masseuse (Anne) uses techniques that are safe and effective both during and after pregnancy.

    Physiotherapy for pregnant women in Tilburg

    Type of relaxation massages

    Relaxation massages for women

    Let the tension slip away from you with our relaxation massage. This massage starts with a warm footbath to soothe your muscles and put you in the right mood. Next, your back, neck and shoulders, legs, feet, arms and hands are carefully massaged.


    Pregnancy massage

    During pregnancy, the body can experience extra tension. Our pregnancy massage is specially designed to relieve this tension and help you relax. This full body massage is tailored to the needs of pregnant women and provides relief where you need it.



    Especially for new mothers, we offer the Mama Massage. This comprehensive treatment includes everything a mother needs to relax and recover. Enjoy a warm foot bath, followed by a massage of the back, neck and shoulders, legs, feet, arms and hands. Then we pamper you with a head massage and hair ritual, a facial massage and a relaxing face mask. Finally, we offer you a cup of tea with something sweet as a treat.

    View the rates page for current rates.

    Massage therapist for women in the Tilburg area

    Dear mum/mama-to-be,

    My name is Anne and massage is what I love doing most of all! I believe that everyone deserves relaxation. And mums in particular! Because when you feel good about yourself, you can make the most loving connection with your child(ren). I grant you that relaxation, I grant you that connection together.

    I massage from a holistic viewpoint, which to me means that everything is allowed to be there.
    *each massage can be tailored to your personal wishes/needs.

    I hope to see you in practice.
    Love, Anne

    Manual therapy - JUNO Health & Wellness Tilburg

    Anne Engel - Massage therapist Tilburg

    Frequently asked questions about relaxation massages Tilburg

    What are the benefits of relaxation massages?

    Stress reduction

    The calming movements help calm the nervous system, resulting in lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol.

    Muscle relaxation 

    The massage helps release tension in the muscles, providing relaxation and reducing stiffness or pain.

    Improved blood flow

    Massage promotes blood circulation, which can lead to better health and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body.

    Improved mood

    The release of endorphins can improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety or depression.

    Better sleep

    Many people experience an improved sleep quality after a relaxation massage, which can help in a deeper and more restful sleep.

    Immune system support

    Massage can strengthen the immune system by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

    Pain relief

    Although relaxation massage is not specifically aimed at pain relief, many people do experience a decrease in pain and discomfort after a session.

    Increased flexibility

    By loosening tight muscles and improving circulation, massage can increase joint flexibility and mobility.

    All in all, relaxation massage offers a holistic approach to wellbeing, with benefits for both body and mind. It is an excellent way to relax, reduce stress and promote overall health.

    What do relaxation massages cost

    From as little as €45, you can have 30 minutes of delicious pampering. For the current rates, please check the rates page.

    Can I claim the cost from the health insurance company?

    Relaxation massages are not eligible for reimbursement from health insurers.

    Is it safe to receive massage during pregnancy?

    Yes, it is completely safe and you can have peace of mind when you are pregnant.

    I am pregnant, can I lie on my stomach during the massage?

    In the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother is placed in whatever position she feels most comfortable in, including on her stomach if she prefers. In later stages of pregnancy, treatment is given while the expectant mother lies on her side, with support bars, pillows and bolsters supporting the legs and abdomen for comfort. Positioning during a massage is crucial for the safety and well-being of both mother and baby. Sorry mums, massage tables with cut-outs for the belly are not recommended and are therefore not used by our masseuse.